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New toExtensions?

no problem...

I  am proud to specialize in 5 types of extensions and have learned through multiple trainings locally and out of state. My focus is healthy hair, healthy scalp and to be able to give you the hair of your dreams, forever 

How to Book

1. Book a consultation 

2. At your consultation we will discuss a plan to achieve your desired look&set exact pricing.

3. A deposit is sent via email

4.Once paid we will schedule out your application appointment.

5. Come in for your transformation day.


Still don't know if extensions are right for you? Read commonly asked questions below




Why do I need a consultation?


 I recommend every new guest receive a consultation. All  extension services are custom to fit every clients hair goals. No two guests heads are the same which means some may need more or less hair or even a longer or shorter length. 

How much do extensions cost? 

 Extension pricing varies based on system, length, and how much hair is needed. Extensions can range from $400-$2000. This is why an in person consultation is important. 

How long do they last ?


 Depending on which system you wear, extensions can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. 

Tape Extensions 3-4 months

I Tip Extensions 9 months- 1 year

Handtied Extensions 1 year+

K Tip Extensions 3 months

How often is maintenance?

 Maintenance is typically between 4-8 weeks sometimes 10 weeks.

Tape extensions 8 weeks

I Tip extensions 4-8 weeks 

Handtied Extensions 4-6 weeks

K Tip Extensions 3 months 

Invisible Bead Method 8-10 weeks

Can I do color and Extensions?


 Yes you can! I do take your color routine into consideration when planning out your maintenance. We can do on scalp color and partial foil work utilizing all the hair left out around your extensions.

How long does it take to apply my new hair?

A new application can take any where from 45 mins to 5 hours depending on the system and the complexity of the application.

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