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My name is Raquel Martinez, proud mama to my boy and Dallas based hairstylist. I have resided in the DFW metroplex for 8 years after leaving my home town. I am a lover of all things that allow me to be creative, which is exactly why I am passionate about all things hair. Being a natural born leader at heart is where my journey only began.

In 2014, I started my career assisting my amazing mentor, taking baby steps toward building my clientele. While assisting, extensions fell into my lap and I got a front row seat at changing someones confidence, from that moment on I was hooked. I became eager to combine extension services to my color services, since then I can't see myself not doing extensions! Extensions had gave me not only a desire to elevate my business, but help women do their best while feeling their best.

I take pride in my education and staying up to date on my color and extension techniques. Through my career, my curiosity on business building and marketing has given me the opportunity to give my guests the best experience when they sit down in my chair. I love combining color and extensions and being able to give women the confidence they never new they needed.

When I am not working behind the chair Im probably planning my next vacation, I love new culture, being outdoors, and eating good food!

Side note: When you decide to visit me just know before and after shots are a must and the camera will be rolling. Be prepared for some laughs and honest conversations, oh and talk about the importance of Ph balanced product.

Elevate your hair, I will see you soon beautiful!




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